Your Guide to Biologically Activated Mulch

biological mulch

You’ve just taken up interest in gardening and are learning from scratch, or maybe you’ve gardened before, but you want better results and expert advice. One of the terms you’ll hear is “biologically activated” mulch. This sounds more complicated than it really is, but the experts here at DSATCO Mulch in Perth can explain. In this post, we tell you all about the nutrient rich mulch, biological mulch.

What is Biologically Activated Mulch?

“Biologically activated” just means that the nutrient rich mulch contains living organisms, microbes and enzymes that create a thriving environment in the soil. This encourages life to flourish such as worms, bacteria and supply your garden with excellent nutrients that will have your plants growing to the highest quality.

Why is Biologically Activated Mulch the Best Option?

Biologically activated products like our Lupin Mulch and Triple-C mulch are far better for your soil than standard mulch. The living microbes inside the mulch give added nutrients that will heighten the quality of your plants or vegetables. Where inorganic mulch can last longer and is less expensive, it doesn’t add anything of value to the soil. Cheaper, organic mulch can steal nutrients away from your plants. That’s why biologically activated mulch is the best option to enhance the biology of the soil with the use of fungi, protozoa, nematodes and micro arthropods that make up the soil’s ecosystem.

What are the Benefits of Biologically Activated Mulch?

Biologically activated products like our premium Lupin Mulch contain many benefits for your soil. As well as adding vital nutrients, this mulch saves water by serving as an insulation layer on top of your soil. The living organisms help to deliver nutrients to plants. The protection layer also suppresses weeds, saving you time and energy. Best of all, Lupin Mulch is environmentally friendly since it is made from repurposed farmers’ waste.

Biologically activated mulch is a ground-breaking science that will optimise the conditions of your garden. Our Lupin Mulch is a prime example of this kind of product. To make your order, call us on 08 9671 1500 or contact us online.