Why You Should Consider Using Premium Mulch in Perth

premium mulch

If you think that any kind of mulch will do when it comes to your garden, you may be making a mistake. The quality of your mulch makes a direct impact on the quality of your garden, so don’t look past premium mulch in exchange for cheaper, low-quality products that don’t add anything to your garden. The best mulch doesn’t just insulate your garden to create a cool and moist atmosphere; it also nurtures the soil and plants to produce the best possible growth.

Quality Matters for the Best Mulch for Garden

You might think that all mulches are the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Poor quality mulch can draw nitrogen out of the soil. Some council waste mulch often has weeds, seeds and diseases that you could be introducing into your garden. High quality mulch from DSATCO Mulch undergoes strict quality checks before going on sale, and we take care to make sure each product is eco-friendly and made with the best materials.

Protective Layer

Premium mulch creates a protective layer over the soil that helps shield against water erosion, weed growth and damage from direct heat. It absorbs water to lessen your water usage and allows for proper draining. High quality mulch takes just under a year to fully break down, so you will need to replace at least once a year for summer or winter protection. While premium mulch is slightly more expensive, it’s worth it in the long run as you save money on watering and additional fertilising.

Multi-Purpose Best Mulch for Garden

The best mulch for gardens has multiple purposes. As well as excellent water absorption, the mulch provides nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. DSATCO Mulch’s premium lupin mulch contains microbial bacteria that encourages plant growth and worms to flourish and thrive. Our mulch is made from recycled farmer’s waste that breaks down to increase the soil carbon content.

If you want to get the best in premium mulch that will make your garden thrive, call DSATCO Mulch on 08 9671 1500 or contact us online to order your products.