Why Recycled Mulch is a Great Choice for Your Garden in WA

high quality mulch

There are many reasons why high-quality mulch is one of the most popular gardening supplies in Western Australia. Given the hot and oftentimes harsh environment, it’s important to give plants extra support to grow and thrive. At DSATCO Mulch, we recommend recycled organic mulch to boost soil biology and nutrient levels in your lawn and garden. Keep reading to discover the biggest benefits of recycled mulch for flower and vegetable gardens.

It’s Organic

Organic gardening supplies are preferred for their natural nutrients and environmental support, and recycled mulch is no exception. Reputable mulch producers put farm waste materials through a comprehensive composting process to get the most nutrients out while making sure the end result is a seed, disease and weed-free mulch. If you want more nutrients in the soil, then an all-natural mulch is the way to go.

It’s Sourced Sustainably

Organic mulch recycled from a local source is better for the environment, too. You can reap the benefits of organic mulching while feeling good about your sustainable, eco-friendly choice. Recycled mulch also has an impressive level of nutrients from plant material and manure, which makes it a stronger option than standard straw or hay mulch. The best mulch will offer weather and environmental protection, too.

It’s Effective

Something else to think about is how effective recycled mulch can be in strengthening soil health and preventing pests. Our high-quality mulch is carefully produced from recycled by-products to deliver a big nutrient boost to the soil. By using the right type of mulch for your application, you can look forward to improved water retention and growing conditions. Just make sure you follow the supplier’s instructions to properly apply recycled mulch and give your garden the best chance to grow.

Order Organic Mulch and Gardening Supplies in WA

Interested in recycled mulch for your garden? DSATCO Mulch can help with a great selection of premium garden products, such as our Lupin or Triple-C mulch varieties. Get in touch with WA’s local leaders in high-quality mulch and soil improvers for reliable solutions to your garden goals.