Why Premium Mulch is Worth the Investment in Perth, WA

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DSATCO Mulch has decades of experience supplying residential and commercial mulch across Western Australia. If you’re looking for fresh mulch for a vegetable garden, we offer premium all-natural mulch at fair prices. Keep reading to discover why premium mulch is the right choice for your lawn and garden needs.

Premium Mulch Nourishes Soil

While mulch is supposed to be a protective covering for the soil surface, not all mulches are created equal. Premium commercial mulch is preferred because it protects against weather and harsh growing conditions while also enriching the soil with ample nutrients. Coupled with minimal nutrient absorption, standard mulch may decompose either too slowly or too quickly, but premium mulch actually adds nutrients to the soil for a nutritional boost. We suggest checking the nutrient analysis for each premium mulch variety and looking for important nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium and copper.

Organic & Environmentally Friendly Mulch

Another reason to choose premium mulch for a vegetable garden is that it’s an organic and natural way to increase soil biology. The organic form offers readily available essential minerals for stronger and more durable plants. Microbial bacteria naturally grow within the best mulch products, fostering an excellent environment for earthworms to grow and contribute to a healthy garden. Best-selling mulches such as Lupin mulch are produced from farming waste residue, so you’re contributing to better sustainability when you use it to improve your garden.

Soil Protection

If you want to increase soil protection for more successful growing, premium all-natural mulch is definitely worthwhile. When properly installed, premium mulch creates a protective layer of natural weed control, blocking weed seeds from reaching the soil and germinating. This helps the soil maintain its shape while also protecting against pests, disease and erosion. Crusting prevention and temperature regulation are added bonuses with premium mulch supplies.

Choose DSATCO Mulch for Your Vegetable Garden in WA

Whether you need residential or commercial mulch, our WA mulch experts are ready to help with quality garden products. We stand by the integrity of our organic mulch supplies and are passionate about helping local growers. Contact DSATCO Mulch to order all-natural mulch for your vegetable garden today.