Why Mulch Ground Cover is Perfect for Garden Paths in Perth

Your garden space should be a peaceful sanctuary with blooming flowers and growing plants. From plant beds to garden paths, there are many areas where you can use all-natural mulch from DSATCO to your advantage. In this post, we will take a look at natural garden mulch and why it works so well for garden paths in Perth, WA and surrounds.

Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s start with curb appeal, and how all-natural mulch will make your garden more pleasing to look at and visit. Maybe your garden is missing distinctive pathways or it’s just been a while since you added any mulch. Either way, the rich chocolate brown colour of premium mulch will create a nice separation between garden beds and grassy or stone walkways. This will prevent little ones and pets from stepping on plants and flowers, too.

Nutrient Boost

Natural garden mulch ground cover also works well for garden paths because it increases the flow of nutrients to the soil. 100% organic mulch boasts a high yet balanced makeup of essential minerals, which are readily available for plants. This means you can create a distinction between your garden and walking paths while also ensuring valuable nutrients like carbon and phosphorus get deep into the soil to help plants grow. 

Soil Biology

Another benefit of natural mulch for vegetable garden paths is the improved soil structure and biology. For the healthiest garden, you need a reliable source of microbial bacteria and humus. Lupin mulch is an environmentally friendly way to create the ideal environment for increased carbon content and earthworm activity, all signs of a thriving garden.

Discover DSATCO All-Natural Mulch for Gardens in WA

If you’re ready to enhance garden paths and your overall outdoor space with natural garden mulch, count on a trusted local business like DSATCO Mulch. We are here to help with 100% organic mulch that adds a significant nutrient boost to the soil and creates a healthier garden to enjoy for many years to come. Contact us with any questions about mulch for vegetable gardens in Perth, WA.