What is the Best Mulch for Vegetable Garden Beds?

mulch for vegetable garden

When you go looking for the best mulch for garden beds, you’re often bombarded by an ocean of choices. Organic or inorganic? Straw or bark? Good or bad? There are so many options these days that it’s hard to know where to turn. Here at DSATCO Mulch, we provide the best premium mulch for vegetable garden beds, roses, fruit trees and ornamentals, so you can relax knowing the choice is easy with us.

Your Situation

The right kind of garden mulch for you might not be the same for someone else. Depending on what you’re planning on growing in your garden, you might require different mulch. For example, some fruit and veggie will prefer Triple-C mulch, most ornamentals will prefer Lupin mulch. Some natives will need either a bark mulch or Lupin Mulch.

The type of premium mulch you use will also depends on how much maintenance you’re committed to. Lupin and Triple-C mulch will require little effort, but Dsatco’s Sugar cane mulch will require further soil improvements. Piggypost or a premium compost is the best way to improve your soil prior to mulching.

Lupin Mulch

At DSATCO we pride ourselves on stocking only the best natural mulch for gardens. Our Lupin Mulch is made from organic lupin plant material, with added chicken manure. It has a PH level of 7.5 and is pasteurised to ensure that the mulch is free of weeds and diseases. Lupin Mulch for vegetable garden beds saves you water and money. Its water absorption rate means you spend less time watering, and the nutrients and enzymes in the soil means you spend less on additional garden mulch and fertilisers.


Our PiggyPost is the perfect compost to improve soil health. It adds humus directly to the soil with nutrients added directly from pig manure, chicken manure, lupin straw, blood and bone mixture to make the best compost. This animal’s manure is eco-friendly and sustainable, containing all the benefits of our Lupin Mulch.

To order your bags of the best mulch for garden beds, either the Lupin or PiggyPost mulch, get in touch with us on 08 9671 1500 or contact us online.