What is the Best Garden Mulch in Perth to Stop Weeds?

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The number one issue that gardeners face is weeding. Weeds are destructive to gardens; they break through soil and steal nutrients and water meant for your plants and vegetables. You could spray the weeds, but that adds inorganic chemicals to your soil, Instead, try using a weed-stopping mulch to suppress them. DSATCO in Perth knows the best kinds of mulch to stop weeds, so keep reading to find out.

Can you Kill Weeds Using Mulch?

Lupin and Triple-C mulch is a very effective way of suppressing weeds. Weeds require sunshine and warmth to grow, so a thick layer of mulch over the top of weeds will stop the sunlight from reaching the weeds. For this method to be effective, you need to use the right type of mulch. Lupin and Triple-C mulch is dense and does this job perfectly for you. Say goodbye to those pesky weeds.

Benefits of Using Mulch to Fight Weeds

Not only does premium mulch help fight off weeds, but it also provides a lot of benefits to the soil that will make your garden thrive. It prevents soil erosion, adds nutrients and organic matter, saves water and protects against frost damage. Mulch retains up to 70% of water, which saves you time and money on watering. You’ll also save a lot of additional soil and fertiliser with lower rates of soil erosion from heavy rain.

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