Water-Saving Mulch Options for Gardens in Western Australia

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As Western Australia’s leaders in environmentally friendly mulch, DSATCO Mulch can help you maximise potential for your veggie garden, flower bed and yard. In this blog post, our mulch experts take you through the best water-saving mulch options to help plants grow and thrive in your garden while using fewer resources.

Triple-C Mulch

When choosing water-saving mulch for your outdoor area, remember that thick and chunky substances, such as bark and manure, provide greater resistance and insulation when compared to straw and hay. DSATCO Triple-C is an excellent choice, with a blend of cereal crops (corn), chicken manure and canola offering impressive water retention while keeping soil cooler by between 5 and 10 degrees. This water and energy-saving mulch has high nutrient levels, minimising water usage, weed germination and the need for extra fertiliser or soil conditioner.

Lupin Organic Mulch

DSATCO Lupin is a premium organic mulch offering 100% organic lupin plant material, supplemented by chicken manure. This best-selling environmentally friendly mulch is good and chunky, which helps to retain water in the soil. It also provides soil insulation for a cool, moist garden that encourages hardy plant growth, especially in the harsh Australian heat. By reducing water evaporation and creating a cool, moist environment, Lupin mulch ensures water absorbs directly into the soil.

Lawn Maximizer

The name says it all! DSATCO Lawn Maximizer contains lupin chaff, canola straw and chicken manure, blended and enhanced to allow for even distribution throughout your lawn and garden. An environmentally friendly mulch solution, Lawn Maximizer builds stronger root systems for better resilience against heat and drought. This reduces the volume of water required to maintain a healthy lawn, whilst also helping you to save water and money in the long run.

Choose Water-Saving Mulch from the DSATCO Mulch Team in WA

Water-saving mulch is a worthwhile investment for your front garden, backyard and anywhere else you want to grow plants or flowers. The family team at DSATCO Mulch is here to help you choose the right mulching solutions for your growing goals. Contact us today to order Western Australia’s best water-saving organic mulch and take your garden to the next level.