The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Garden Mulch in WA

best mulch for a garden

There are many benefits to mulching your flower or vegetable garden. The best mulch can provide extra nutrients, reduce water evaporation, increase aeration and stop weed growth. With the different varieties of mulch out there, though, how do you decide on the right one? Take a look at this guide by DSATCO Mulch for advice on choosing the perfect mulch for your plants in Western Australia.

Consider Inorganic vs. Organic Mulch

One of the first things to think about is whether you want synthetic or natural garden mulch. Synthetic, also known as inorganic mulch, may be made of geotextiles, stones, rocks or plastics. This type of mulch features more heavily in landscape design where aesthetic appeal is the priority. In comparison, natural garden mulch is made out of living materials like leaves, straw, grasses, pine needles, shredded bark or compost. This organic plant material creates a thick water-retaining mulch, offering the ideal cool and moist environment your plants need to grow successfully.

Check the Nutrient Analysis

Something else to consider when looking for water-retaining mulch is the nutrient analysis, which indicates a premium mulch mixture compared to standard options. DSATCO Lupin mulch, for example, has a high concentration of carbon (363 g/kg) and nitrogen (17.8 g/kg). The more nutrients the mulch has, the more benefits there will be for your soil and all the plants you wish to grow.

Consider the Brand & Variety

Finally, make sure that you check the brand and type of mulch to confirm if it will work for your intended application. It’s worth investing in high-quality Lupin mulch from a trusted name like DSATCO, especially if you want to enhance soil biology and plant growth. A 100% organic mulch with high nutrient levels can be a true game changer for your garden.

Order Natural Garden Mulch Online in Western Australia

We at DSATCO Mulch know you have options when it comes to mulching garden beds. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide premium water-retaining mulch made from organic plant material and locally sourced farm waste. Please feel free to contact us online with any questions or to place an order for 100% organic Lupin mulch in Western Australia.