The Pros and Cons of Using Recycled Mulch in Your WA Garden

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Whether you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned gardener, it’s a good idea to invest in premium mulch ground cover in Western Australia. There are several options for recycled mulch that have become more popular in recent years, including synthetic materials like rubber mulch and wood pallets or organic farm waste. At DSATCO Mulch, we’re here to help you decide on the right garden mulch for your outdoor space and growing needs. Check out these pros and cons of recycled mulch for more details.

Pro: Heat Insulation

One of the benefits of recycled rubber mulch or wood chips is how it insulates plants from heat. Many growers have made the switch from lightweight mulch like straw and hay to recycled mulch or a mixture of both, especially in hot climates like Western Australia.  

Con: Chemical Residue

A potential drawback of recycled rubber mulch is the presence of chemicals that could harm plants if levels are too high. An environmentally friendly organic garden mulch made with recycled farm waste won’t have the same chemicals.

Pro: Low-Maintenance Design

Most growers are looking for effective garden mulch that gets the job done without too much maintenance or replenishment. Recycled synthetic mulch is highly durable so it won’t need much in terms of upkeep or replacement. Natural mulch in Western Australia can also last a long time but may need a bit more attention.

Con: Hot to the Touch

On the other hand, family growers may opt for natural mulch in Western Australia because it won’t absorb heat the way synthetic rubber does. This is something to keep in mind if you have young kids or pets who will be playing in the garden and want to avoid surfaces that are hot to the touch.

Pro: Less Weed Growth

Both recycled and all-natural mulch ground cover in Western Australia offer the advantage of blocking weed germination and growth, although at different levels. Synthetic mulch won’t absorb water, while organic mulch will block weed seeds from spreading and generating roots.

Con: Lack of Decomposition 

If you’re looking purely at recycled mulch made of synthetic materials, then you should remember they won’t decompose. This means there won’t be added soil nutrients to strengthen the structure and fertility of your plants. Organic mulch with living organisms always wins in this category.

Explore DSATCO Natural Mulch in Western Australia

If you prefer a natural alternative to recycled rubber mulch, you can find high-quality soil products made from recycled farm waste at DSATCO Mulch. Contact us with any enquiries about ordering or using organic mulch ground cover in Western Australia for enhanced soil nutrition and health.