The Benefits of Using Mulch in Australia’s Winter Months

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DSATCO Mulch specialises in water-retaining mulch for lawns and gardens throughout Western Australia. We are passionate about helping growers reach their goals by maximising soil health and plant potential. One of the questions we often receive is about mulching in the winter months. Many people think of mulch in the spring, but is it necessary in the winter, too? Let’s review the key benefits of using premium Lupin mulch this winter.

Nutrient-Rich Mulch Insulates the Soil

While WA winters aren’t as cold as other states, plants may still be affected by a seasonal dip in temperature. 100% organic Lupin mulch creates a barrier to insulate the soil from cooler air and ground temperatures. This minimises cold stress on plants and supports healthy plant growth. At the same time, moisture reduces retention and helps with winter root growth to continue optimal growing throughout the spring and summer.

Lupin Mulch Prevents Weed Growth

Another reason to apply a fresh mulch layer in the winter is to increase protection against weed germination and growth. Nutrient-rich mulch benefits the soil in several ways by increasing carbon levels and preventing weed seeds from sprouting and surviving in healthy soil. A water-retaining mulch variety such as DSATCO Lupin or Triple-C makes for easier maintenance and also removes the need to apply herbicides come summer.

Winter Mulch Avoids Soil Erosion

With winter comes wind and rain, and wild weather can disrupt soil and lead to erosion if the lawn and garden aren’t properly protected and maintained. Many WA growers have found success by applying nutrient-rich mulch just in time for winter, especially in areas prone to soil erosion. Degradation of the soil will influence plants’ ability to grow and thrive, so any steps you can take to avoid erosion will reinforce the soil health and structure.

Use Water-Retaining Mulch This Winter in WA

Prepare for healthy soil all year round with DSATCO Lupin mulch, available at both metro and regional stockists in Western Australia. Contact us today to get started on our nutrient-rich mulch solutions for all your lawn and garden needs.