Natural Mulch Options for a More Sustainable Garden in WA

If you’re looking for quality mulch in Perth, you’ve come to the right place. DSATCO Mulch is a family-run business supplying the best biological mulch for better growing conditions and long-lasting soil health. With country and metro stockists, we provide nutrient rich mulch to help improve yields and make the most of your lawn and garden. Explore our natural mulch options for sustainable and successful gardening.

Lupin Nutrient-Rich Mulch

One of the most popular options for premium mulch in Perth is DSATCO Lupin, which is made from 100% organic plant material mixed with chicken manure. This proven combination enhances soil biology by adding vital nutrients so you no longer need separate fertilisers, saving you time and money. It’s also made from farmer waste residues, so this mulch is both more sustainable and better for the environment than standard products on the market.

Organic Triple C-Mulch

Another natural nutrient-rich mulch to consider is Triple-C, an innovative blend of corn cereal crops, canola and chicken manure. As a water-retaining, nitrogen-rich mulch, Triple-C can keep soil 5-10 degrees cooler. It saves water, increases probiotics in the soil and can even reverse non-wetting soils. By enhancing soil biodiversity and providing food and moisture, this natural mulch will improve the health and lifespan of your lawn and garden.

Natural Mulch & Soil Improver Combo

As a compost and soil improver, DSATCO Piggypost works with biological mulch to further boost soil nutrients and retain water. By adding humus directly to the soil, this product improves carbon retention to keep moisture and nutrients at an optimal level for growth. Piggypost provides good soil bacteria to generate healthy enzymes for a sustainable garden. It’s also sustainably made from raw manure compost and locally sourced ingredients. With the right mulch and soil improver, you should see noticeable results in soil health and garden yields.

Buy the Best Biological Mulch in Western Australia

DSATCO Mulch has been producing and supplying premium mulch throughout metro and regional WA for many years. We can help you maximise soil potential with nutrient-rich mulch from our trusted homegrown product range. Contact us online if you have any questions or would like to order high-quality mulch in Perth.