Lupin Mulch: A Natural Solution for Garden Health in WA

Are you struggling to keep plants growing in the garden? What about weeds and pests? No matter what your lawn and garden may look like, the addition of high-quality commercial mulch can make a big difference in Western Australia. DSATCO Mulch specialises in environmentally friendly, organic mulch, including our best-selling Lupin mulch. Find out why this water-saving mulch is the preferred natural solution for healthy gardens across WA.

Lupin Mulch Has Many Nutrients

One of the top things to look for in commercial mulch is the available nutrients. As a popular environmentally friendly mulch, DSATCO Lupin offers a high and balanced content of organic minerals, which are readily available and suitable for a huge variety of plants. Always check the nutrient analysis to see what each mulch variety offers. With Lupin mulch, you will notice a high concentration of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium and magnesium. Copper, zinc, manganese, iron, sodium and boron are also found in this mulching solution.

It’s a Water-Saving Mulch

Frequent watering costs you time and money, which is why Lupin water-saving mulch is such a worthwhile investment for many growers. Save water with this organic mulch that creates an insulating layer across the soil and over the plant roots. This reduces water evaporation to maintain the cool and moist environment most plants require to grow. Also, water will run through the mulch for better absorption, further strengthening the garden.

Lupin Mulch Leads to Improved Soil

Another reason why Lupin commercial mulch is so well-respected in the agriculture industry is that it improves soil biology. The microbial bacteria naturally present in Lupin mulch create the perfect environment for earthworms to grow, benefitting the soil and plant roots. As mulch breaks down, the organic material becomes humus and more carbon content is found throughout the soil, further enhancing the overall health. The more you can do to improve soil health, the better, and Lupin mulch makes it possible.

Choose High-Quality Commercial Mulch in WA

There are many advantages to using Lupin environmentally friendly mulch, from the added nutrients to improved water retention. If you would like to make the most of this premium mulch, the DSATCO Mulch family can help. Contact us online with any enquiries about our best-selling Lupin mulch or to place an order.