Landscaping with Mulch: Tips and Tricks in Western Australia

best mulch for garden

Choosing the best mulch for your garden is a worthwhile step when landscaping anywhere in Australia. Whether you want to make the most of your backyard space or need to bring your curb appeal up to scratch with a well-manicured lawn, landscaping with the right garden supplies is key. Family-owned DSATCO Mulch in Wongan Hills, Western Australia can help you find high-quality mulch to make your landscaping goals a reality. Take a look at our top tips and tricks for landscaping with mulch.

Choose Premium Organic Mulch

One of the most important things you can do when landscaping with mulch is to choose premium garden products from a reputable supplier. We recommend nutrient-rich mulch with a mix of organic plant material and sustainably sourced manure. Look for the nutrient analysis before buying any type of mulch, as you should know what nutrients are available and how much you will get with a certain mulch composition.

Prepare the Garden

Purchasing premium mulch is the first step in landscaping with mulch, but you also need to prepare the lawn and garden for the best results. If there are any weeds present, remove them or at least cut the weed heads off before applying mulch. Check the instructions to make sure you use the right volume and apply the ideal level of thickness. Be careful to avoid adding mulch piles too close to plant stems and tree trunks, as you want to give them enough room to breathe.

Consider a Soil Improver

While the best mulch for a garden is one that offers excellent results by itself, you may want to further boost soil health and plant growth with a compost and soil improver. DSATCO Piggypost is a great example, as it adds humus to the soil to further improve carbon retention and nutrient levels. On top of this, it also saves water and enhances soil biology.

Purchase Premium Mulch From DSATCO Mulch in WA

Ready to try these mulch landscaping tips for yourself? DSATCO Mulch garden products will come in handy for your next home landscaping projects. We can help you find the best, most nutrient-rich mulch for the garden and maximise growing potential in your yard. Please contact us online with any enquiries about our premium mulch and garden supplies.