Inorganic vs. Organic Mulch: Which is Best for WA Gardens?

organic mulch

When it comes to garden mulch in Western Australia, you have the option of inorganic or organic mulch. Both offer different advantages while providing a protective top layer to the soil for a well-protected and well-manicured lawn and garden. At DSATCO Mulch, we stand by the quality of our organic, environmentally friendly mulch, made with natural ingredients for a noticeable nutrient boost. Take a look at our guide to garden mulch to find out whether inorganic or organic mulch is better for your garden.

Inorganic Mulch

Let’s begin with inorganic mulch, which is made of synthetic materials such as landscape fabrics or plastics and stones. For example, a rock layer on top of the soil won’t break down or decompose over time, reducing replacement costs and labour. There are different sizes, styles and colours available, as this is more of a decorative mulch and may also be used in bushfire zones as it won’t burn.

Organic Mulch

Then there’s organic mulch, which is composed of materials like leaves, grasses, pine needles, shredded bark, straw, compost and recycled waste. While organic mulch can help create a neat and tidy garden, the most significant advantage is the natural nutrient boost. Organic water-saving mulch contains vital nutrients which condition and enhance the soil while preventing evaporation, erosion and weed growth.

Which Should You Choose?

If you’re looking primarily for decorative mulch to elevate your landscaping, inorganic may be suitable. However, the natural benefits of organic environmentally friendly mulch are hard to pass up. Organic mulch made of plant material and compost will encourage earthworms to aerate the soil while adding nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon and potassium. Plus, organic water-saving mulch helps to save time and money by reducing frequent watering and also requiring fewer fertilisers and weed killers.

Find Environmentally Friendly Mulch in Western Australia

When it comes to organic water-saving mulch, the friendly team from family-run DSATCO Mulch is always happy to help. Contact us online today to discuss the best mulch and garden products for your needs in metro or country Western Australia.