How You Can Save Water with the Best Mulch for Gardens Perth

water saving mulch

Our impact on the environment is something that we should all be paying attention to. Planting a garden, whether it be veggies or flowers, is an excellent way to nourish the earth. Unfortunately, gardening uses a lot of water. With Australia’s history of drought, we want to save water where we can. With DSATCO Mulch’s water saving mulch, you can decrease the water usage in your garden for a happier planet. By growing your own fruit and veggies you require less from major supermarkets which rely heavily on broad acre crops using spays on the food that you eat. The more you grow, the less you rely on the supermarkets.

Best Mulch for Water Retention

Some types of mulch are better for water retention than others. Chunky mulch made from bark and other thick substances, like DSATCO Mulch’s Lupin mulch, is great at keeping the water within the soil. This mulch provides insulation over the soil, giving your garden a cool, moist atmosphere for plants to thrive. Thinner mulch like straw and hay won’t hold onto the water for as long, leaving the garden to dry quicker.

How Does Mulch Absorb Water?

Water-retaining mulch works by absorbing the water to prevent evaporation. This means that in summer, it keeps the garden cool and moist, and it allows the winter rain to seep through into the soil. Because this mulch creates a sponge-like top layer, it prevents the soil from drying out in direct sunlight.

What Are the Benefits of Water-Retaining Mulch?

Water saving mulch is great for the environment, as it can cut down water usage up to 80%. It also has a positive impact on you, as it cuts down on your water bills significantly and means you spend less time watering your garden. Our Lupin and Triple-C mulches also saves you money, as it eliminates the need for added fertilisers and mulch. Water-retaining mulch is the perfect way to make a positive impact on the environment and cut down on gardening costs.

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