How to Use Mulch as a Ground Cover in Your WA Garden

There are exciting benefits to using mulch for a vegetable garden or flower bed. At DSATCO Mulch, we supply all-natural mulch across Western Australia, and we find that natural garden mulch serves as an excellent ground cover to protect against garden pests and environmental hazards. Check out our guide to using mulch as a ground cover and let us know if you have any more questions about all-natural mulch.

Choose Natural Garden Mulch

Covering the soil is a smart move no matter what you’re growing. Whether it’s shrubs, flowers, vegetables or trees, you can use all-natural mulch to your advantage. With a high level of nutrients readily available in organic mulch made of compost and plant material, you can improve the soil structure while protecting against pests and water loss. Natural mulch for a vegetable garden will give your plants a better chance to grow while also deterring weeds and pests from settling in.

Proper Mulch Application

When using mulch for a  ground cover, you will see that it adds to the landscaping and aesthetic appeal while also increasing soil health and longevity. To get the best results, you need to follow the application instructions from the supplier. Consider how thick the mulch should be applied and how much space is required near the base of plants. Also, remember to water thoroughly after application to flush micro bacteria into the soil and start the enrichment process.

Replenish as Required

Once natural garden mulch is applied, you can watch it work its magic on your garden while also enjoying enhanced landscaping. Check with the supplier instructions on replenishing mulch, which may be required after several years or heavy rain. Even so, the best mulch varieties will help you take better care of your garden with fewer weeds and more nutrients.

Order Natural Mulch Ground Cover in Western Australia

Ready to add to the look and feel of your garden with a multi-functional ground cover? All-natural mulch is the right choice, and the trusted team at DSATCO Mulch is an excellent sustainable garden product supplier in WA. Contact us online to get started with mulch ground cover for your lawn and garden.