How to Nurture Your Garden with Premium Mulch Perth

garden mulch

It might not seem like there’s much to mulching, but there are key details that can affect your garden’s health. How much mulch is required, and what kind of mulch works best? What is the difference between different kinds of high quality mulch? Let DSATCO Mulch give you a comprehensive guide to proper garden mulch.

Choosing the Right Kind of Mulch

The type of garden mulch you use depends on what you’re growing. Thin, organic mulch made of straw adds nutrients to the soils and breaks down quickly, whereas chunky wood chip mulch is more suited for a low-maintenance garden. They will take longer before needing to be replaced and often extracts nitrogen out of the soil to break it down. The Triple-C Mulch is a premium vegetable productive garden mulch that breaks down over the life of summer or winter home garden crops, adding vital nutrients and protection. The Lupin Mulch is a premium all purpose garden mulch that adds a higher amount of nutrients whilst still breaking down over a 10 to 12 months period. The Lupin adds key nutrients and living life that will make any garden grow.

Where you buy your mulch from also makes an impact. You want to make sure that the suppliers are reputable and have good reviews on their products. Badly processed mulch can bring diseases to your garden, so make sure to do your research.

Laying Out the Mulch

How thickly you spread your layer of high quality mulch also depends on what you’re growing and what your goals are. If you’re growing a veggie garden and want to enrich the soil for growth, create a 50 mm layer. If you’re more concerned with weed suppression to protect your plants, go with 60 to 72 mm instead. 30 mm can be used for mulch replenishment.


Another thing to consider is water drainage. Fine mulch like straw tends to hold water on the top layer for longer, which can drown certain plants like succulents and Australian natives. Chunky mulch usually drains better so water is flushed out sooner, also allowing water to evaporate quicker. It’s important to research what conditions your plants prefer, including how much water they require and what temperatures they thrive in. The Triple-C and Lupin Mulch provide a fantastic insulation layer over the soil. Saving you water as the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly.

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