How to Mulch Your WA Garden Beds: A Step-by-Step Guide

The best mulch for a garden can transform tired, unhealthy soil into a thriving oasis for plentiful plants. As Western Australia’s reputable leader in garden mulch supplies, DSATCO Mulch is happy to help you make the most of mulching for a healthier lawn and garden. Here’s our step-by-step guide to mulching garden beds for improved growing results.

Buy the Right Amount of High-Quality Mulch

The first step to successful mulching and growing with more nutrient-rich soil is investing in the best mulch for a garden. Consider the nutrient analysis and consistency, as a thicker mulch made of organic plant material and compost will perform better in terms of water retention and soil biology. Also, take a look at the application instructions to find out how much mulch you need for your garden space.

Prepare the Garden Bed

Next, clean out the garden beds so any dried leaves, sticks, debris or old mulch is out of the way. We also recommend freshening up the edging so there’s a clean line between the garden bed and the lawn. Remember to wet down dry garden beds and pull out weeds before laying down new garden mulch. Although mulching suppresses weed germination and growth, you should still give your garden a head start.

Spread Mulch & Water

Now comes the fun part! You can tip premium mulch out directly from the bag or use a wheelbarrow for larger areas. Spread the mulch evenly so it’s about 40-55mm thick, with 100mm around each plant base. Water thoroughly to flush the micro bacteria into the soil, and you should see fast results with noticeably improved plant health within a few days. Remember to keep the mulch damp, wear gloves and a mask to prevent inhaling the mix during application.

Invest in Premium Mulch for Smarter Growing in WA

Now that you know more about using garden mulch to your advantage, you just need premium mulch to get started. Contact DSATCO Mulch online to order the best mulch for your garden in WA and make your growing goals a reality.