How to Create a Weed-Free Garden with the Right Mulch in WA

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Chickweed, nutgrass, crabgrass, white clover, bindii and dandelions are just some of the common weeds growers face in Western Australia. Although weeds can be a real pest to your garden, high-quality mulch will have a positive impact on soil and plant health. Find out how to create a weed-free garden with DSATCO Mulch.

Choose a Premium Organic Mulch

To get the weed-free garden you deserve, you need to start with organic mulch. There are many mulch options out there, but you want one with 100% organic plant material and manure for a major nutrient boost and comprehensive coverage that stops weeds from sprouting. Also look for premium mulch that’s been pasteurised to ensure it’s free of weeds, seeds and diseases.

Prepare Garden & Remove Old Weeds

Next, grab your gardening supplies and prepare the plant bed for the addition of premium mulch. You can do this by clearing out old debris like leaves and sticks, as well as pulling out any weeds. This will give you a fresh surface to work with so the new mulch can work its magic on the soil.

Properly Apply Even Layer of Mulch

To successfully create a weed-free garden with mulch, it’s important to follow the application instructions. You want an even layer of mulch at the desired thickness, with about 100mm around each plant base for ideal water and nutrient absorption. We recommend applying DSATCO Lupin mulch at 40-50mm thick throughout the garden.

Consider Soil Improver

High-quality mulch on its own should do the trick against weeds, but if you want to further boost soil quality and health, consider Piggypost soil improver. This product directly adds humus to the soil for improved carbon and moisture retention. The healthier the soil is, the less susceptible it will be to weed growth.

Shop DSATCO Organic Mulch & Gardening Supplies in WA

Ready to make the most of weed-free organic mulch? The dedicated family team at DSATCO Mulch has proven solutions to prevent weed growth and improve soil health and performance. Contact us for high-quality mulch and gardening supplies in Western Australia.