Happy Gardeners

What some of our happy customers have said.

"For years I have battled to keep our small patch of lawn looking decent during summer with little success. All the fertilizers were of little help, they made it look green for a few weeks and then it was gone. By this time last year it was looking its usual threadbare self when I decided to use your lawn maximizer. I waited until early autumn and applied a bag which was enough to give a thin cover, less than you recommend. The results have been spectacular. The grass has never looked healthier this far into summer, since we moved in some 30 years ago. and there are no threadbare patches and even the section in heavy shade is doing well. I will be using it again this autumn and will strongly recommend your products to friends and acquaintances.
Now it's time to move on to your other products."
- Rod

"I've never seen, used, smelled mulch this good. OMG this has to be the best kept secret. Thanks a heap. Worth every cent."
- Megan M

"Dear David,
Just thought you would like to know that I have just won the Garden Guru "Battle of the Burb Sustainable/Waterwise garden competition. More importantly, I wanted you to know that Trevor and Neville - say they are trialling various composts and your Lupin Mulch is coming out tops! Apparently better germination/growth rates etc and heaps and heaps of earthworms. I also mentioned a doubling of my harvest with my fruit trees and that I was having success with your Piggy Post as a lawn repairer/rejuvenator.
PS I am also using the lupin mulch in my potting mix and it is excellent."
- Caralyn L from 'A Garden Path'

I have finished putting the mulch onto the garden beds and it looks fantastic. My wife and I are very pleased with the mulch. The texture and colour is just what we were looking for and you can tell that this is a quality product. I wanted to buy a premium mulch to protect the investment I have already made having recently replanted the entire garden and this definitely lived up to our expectations. We will certainly be recommending the Lupin mulch to our friends. "
- Ian