Guide to the Environmental Impact of Commercial Mulch in WA

natural garden mulch

Why is mulch important for the environment? It’s a question DSATCO Mulch often hears, and we are passionate about delivering the very best in organic garden mulch that improves soil biology with a high level of nutrients and protection. Keep reading to discover the environmental impact of commercial mulch in Western Australia.

Water-Retaining Mulch Conserves Soil Moisture

Mulching has been used for centuries to boost crop production, especially in areas with persistent heat and drought conditions. By using water-retaining mulch, farmers can enjoy improved soil moisture with less evaporation and more nutrients. Lupin mulch is one of the preferred organic mulch options, as it provides a reliable insulation layer to protect both the soil and the plant roots. Great for reducing evaporation, this mulch maintains a cool, moist environment so water easily runs through the mulch and absorbs into the soil.

Premium Mulch Supports Better Soil Health

Natural garden mulch is also known for its positive environmental impact as it changes soil biology for the better. The best water-retaining mulch naturally contains microbial bacteria, which encourages earthworms to flourish, a key sign of healthy soil. Plus, organic commercial mulch builds soil structure when it breaks down, increasing carbon content to make the soil stronger and more resistant to degradation.

Commercial Mulch Can Prevent Weed Growth

Something else to note about the environmental impact of commercial mulch is that it stops weed germination and growth. The high nutrient content and composition of premium Lupin mulch suppresses weed germination, and even if a few weeds do break through and start sprouting, they will be easier to remove from the top mulch layer. This is another way in which high-quality mulch saves money: by minimising the need for fertilisers, weed killers and soil conditioners.

Order Natural Garden Mulch From WA’s Trusted Family Business

As you can see, the best all-natural garden mulch can have a positive impact on the environment and your garden growth. The DSATCO Mulch team proudly helps West Australians make the most of their lawn and garden with premium mulch that adds nutrients and enhances soil biology. Contact us online with any questions about our best-selling Lupin mulch and similar varieties.