Environmental Benefits of Using Lupin Mulch in Perth Gardens

Interested in the best mulch for gardens? DSATCO Lupin mulch is hard to beat. Our family-owned business proudly supplies premium mulch throughout Perth, WA’s Wheatbelt region and beyond. We stand by the integrity of our Lupin variety, and we hope you embrace the environmental benefits of this mulch, too. Keep reading to explore the key advantages of mulching with 100% organic Lupin.

Nutrient-Rich Organic Plant Material

As the best mulch for gardens and a guaranteed premium product, Lupin mulch is made with organic plant material and chicken manure. This combo has proven effective in enhancing soil by adding vital nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and carbon. Lupin mulch has enough nutrients on its own to replace the need for separate fertilisers.

Reused Waste From Local Sources

Environmentally friendly garden products like Lupin mulch are made with sustainability in mind. At DSATCO Mulch, we use 100% WA-owned and sourced material from local farm waste to create an eco-friendly mulching solution for flower and garden beds.

Water-Saving Premium Mulch

Premium mulch gets the job done in terms of retaining water and creating a cool, moist environment for plants to grow. Lupin mulch becomes an insulation layer covering soil and plant roots, which minimises evaporation as water readily absorbs into the soil. If you want to water less while seeing better results, Lupin mulch is a worthwhile choice.

Better Soil Structure & Biology

Lupin mulch also creates stronger, more resilient soil. With 363 g/kg of carbon, this high-quality mulch breaks down and turns organic material into humus to increase soil health and biology. Microbial bacteria flourish naturally within organic mulch, offering the ideal setting for worms to grow, which is another sign of a healthy, happy garden.

Shop Perth’s Preferred Premium Mulch & Garden Products

Your search for the best mulch for gardens can begin and end with DSATCO Mulch. Our 100% organic Lupin mulch is carefully formulated for gardens in Western Australia, offering enhanced soil fertility and health with ample nutrients and environmental protection. Contact us with any questions about Lupin mulch or soil improver garden products.