Do I Need to Use Fertiliser if I Use Garden Mulch?

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When you’re gardening for the first time, it can be confusing to know where to start. There are so many garden products on the market, you may not be sure which you need. One of the big questions that new gardeners have is whether they need fertiliser if they’re already using mulch. DSATCO Mulch are experts in organic mulch, and we’re here to answer your questions about mulch and fertiliser.

Can You Fertilise on Top of Mulch?

The simple answer of whether you can fertilise on top of mulch is yes, you can! If you are using a premium quality mulch then it should improve the soil naturally, meaning that you do not need to fertilise. There are no major negative effects to adding fertiliser to mulch, but the effectiveness of the fertiliser depends on the type of organic mulch you use. Different mulch materials need specific nutrients to thrive, so you need to do your research to make sure you get the right combination of garden products.

If you are using Dsatco’s Triple-C or Lupin mulch then there is no need to fertilise as they both have added chicken manure and are naturally high in nutrients. It is always recommended to improve your soil through adding great quality compost rather than fertilisers. Using cheaper mulches will often require more compost or fertilising.

Improving the soil

It is important to improve the soil. Our WA soils are poor quality and lack nutrients. It is vital to improve the soil through a good quality compost. You should mix in a good compost like our PiggyPost 1/3 compost to 2/3 soil or sand. Then mix it into the soil. Applying a premium mulch over the top will continue to improve the soil over time.

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