Control Soil Erosion Using Premium Biological Mulch in Perth, WA

nutrient rich mulch

Biological mulch is one of the best investments for growers across Western Australia. This organic composted mulch has a host of nutrients that the soil can benefit from, including a high carbon concentration and living microorganisms both working to increase soil fertility while reducing water loss and weed growth. Another perk to organic mulch in Perth is the way in which it can control soil erosion. Check out this DSATCO Mulch guide to preventing soil erosion with premium, nutrient-rich mulch.

Choose Premium Mulch for Better Soil Structure

Environmental hazards and harsh growing conditions may lead to soil erosion, which in turn influences germination and growth of vegetative cover. If you want your plants to grow taller and healthier, then you need resilient soil that won’t degrade or wash away. Nutrient-rich mulch is the ideal solution, offering a nutrient boost which increases soil carbon content, leading to a stronger structure and increased helpful biology.

Spread Thick Mulch Evenly Around Plants

Heavy wind and rain can wash away topsoil and impact the overall oil structure, but biological mulch will help block those effects by minimising soil particle detachment and slowing runoff velocity. Just make sure you follow the application recommendations and spread mulch accordingly. Even distribution and the right thickness level is key to optimal mulch performance, especially when seeking protection against the elements.

Add Mulch Across Your Lawn & Garden

For the best results in erosion prevention, it’s a good idea to use mulch throughout your entire garden. With premium mulch in Perth, you can make a difference to your lawn and garden by simultaneously boosting nutrients and stopping erosion. Remember to leave enough room for the plants to breathe. We recommend leaving a space of 100mm around the plant base when using flower and vegetable garden mulch.

Prevent Soil Erosion with DSATCO Mulch in Perth

The benefits of nutrient-rich mulch go far beyond erosion prevention. By investing in quality DSATCO Mulch, you can look forward to enhanced soil health, water retention and weed maintenance. Contact us online to buy the best biological mulch in Western Australia.