5 Tips for gardening with children

1. Have Fun and start small

Gardening is an enjoyable activity to do at home. Kids love instant results. It is ideal to create a garden bed with ready grown plants.

    • You can pick up these from your local nursery or Bunnings warehouse.
    • Carrots, leeks, turnips, celery and bok choy will all grow leaves from the stem, that is usually thrown away or composted.

2. Give Children their own space.

Let your kids have ownership over what they grow. Let them choose how they want to decorate their space.

3. Have the right tools

Having size appropriate tools for your children can make all the difference. Gloves that fit are a must, as are hand tools specifically designed for children. If you wear a mask, they should too.

4. Plant what’s right for the season and climate.

Kids will quickly loose interest if seeds don’t germinate or plants die, so make sure the plants you grow are appropriate. It only takes a quick google to find out what grows near you.

5. Reuse and recycle

There is a lot around the home that can be repurposed. You can make mini gardens out of old BBQ’s, shoes, or anything you can think of. Be creative, the kids will love it.