Fundraising with DSATCO products

Looking to raise funds for your organisation?

DSATCO Fundraising is your easiest and most valuable way to raise specially needed funds for your organisation.

DSATCO provides fundraising committees with access to a range of top-selling products for a farm fresh fundraising solution that caters to most consumer gardening needs. Popular products include DSATCO Lupin Mulch, Piggypost and Lawn Maximizer.

Your fundraising committee’s first and most important decision is to work out what to do to raise much-needed funds for your group project. Every so often it’s trouble-free to do what’s been done in the past, in the name of tradition; or because it seems just too hard to do something different.

From our experience, product drives make fundraising easy. But there are so many different products to choose from!

Here at DSATCO we provide exceptional products, great advice and extraordinary service to all of our customers/organisations. All of our specially formulated garden products will lift and rejuvenate your soil and plants, leaving your plants feeling full of life again.


Registration Form

In Order to get started with your fundraising initiative you will need to complete a registration form. Registration Form

Our Popular Fundraising Products
  • DSATCO Lupin Mulch
    DSATCO Lupin mulch a guaranteed quality premium product. Lupin Mulch is manufactured from pure organic sourced lupin plant material and chicken manure. Lupin Mulch will enhance your soil, adding vital soil nutrients and biology, replacing the need for separate applications of fertilizer and mulch.
  • DSATCO Piggypost
    DSATCO Piggypost is designed to improve your long term soil conditions by continuously feeding the soil. One application will last several years and will maintain strong growth. Healthy soil results in healthy plants, healthy plants results in healthy bodies, which in turn will give a healthy lifestyle.
  • DSATCO Lawn Maximizer
    DSATCO Lawn Maximiser is a composted lupin, canola and chicken manure mixture that repairs water repellent soils and saves water. Lawn Maximiser is an organic and environmentally friendly lawn fertilizer and soil builder that turns your lawn into a lush soft dark green lawn with better drought tolerance while cooling the soil.
Fundraising tips for a successful fundraiser

Set your fundraising objective

The objective you set for your group should include a financial figure, as well as a tangible element. For example, a group must raise $1,500 to pay for new Netball equipment, as well as travelling costs to the Annual Netball Competition.


It is important to maintain close and constant contact with your group members, and to motivate and encourage them constantly. Being a positive role model for the group is also important, not only in terms of how much money you raise, but also in terms of how much time and effort you put into your fundraiser to make it a success.

Approaching family, friends and neighbours

List as many potential donors as you can before you begin approaching people for support. Start with family and friends, and then proceed to your neighbours and other people whom you feel would be interested in your cause.

Approaching a potential supporter

The manner in which a potential donor is approached may determine whether or not a donation will be made. Try this simple but effective approach:

“Hello, my name is ____________, and I’m raising money for ___________. Would you like to support our group by purchasing ___________? Thank you for your kindness, and have a nice day.”

Smile, be polite and most importantly, be enthusiastic about your cause.

Set a deadline to have all money and orders returned

Your campaign should run a maximum length of 1-3 weeks. Keeping the campaign short will keep your participants motivated and on track. Members should collect money when they take the order. Also, it is easier for the campaign organiser to collect ONE cheque from each participant for the entire sum of money collected, rather than several cheques.

Best seller prize

Offer a prize to the individual who raises the most money, or sells the most units.



Fundraiser Information

Q. How do we apply for fundraising?
Simply contact us or visit and complete the online registration form. We will then send you our fundraising information.

Q. How does the promotion work?
A. We will provide you with personalised order forms that have our product information on the back. This form will be passed onto parents/friends who can purchase products via this form which you will request that they return to you by the due date. You will then need to tally these orders on the Tally Sheet provided and return this to our office by the nominated date.

Q. How long should I run the Fundraiser for?
A. We recommend that you run the Fundraiser over two weeks. Dates will be organised with DSATCO prior to fundraiser commencing.

Q. Do I have to pay upfront?
A. Once we have received all orders on the tally sheet from you we will send you an invoice for the amount. Payment is to accompany all orders, so you should have all of the required money by that stage. This amount is required to have been paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Q. Will we receive Product Catalogues to pass around?
A. We will print the required number of Catalogues you require. These will be posted to you. Alternatively, We can email the Catalogue through for you to print as required.

Q. Does the Fundraising Registration form include all DSATCO Products?
We offer all products (except Bulk Bag Lawn Maximiser) for the fundraisers, but each type of mulch is included so you will be able to promote all of our wonderful products to your loyal supporters!

Q. Is there a minimum amount we need to sell?
A. No, there are no minimums and no sales targets, but of course the more sales the more $$ for your organisation.

Q. How much profit will we make from each item?
A. A profit chart will be attached in a separate document

Q. How soon after I’ve placed an order will I receive it and is there a delivery fee?
A. Delivery is free into the Perth Metro Area. Outside this area will incur a small delivery fee. We will set a delivery day prior to the fundraiser commencing. Normally 1 to 2 weeks once all monies have been paid.
Bulk Bag or 15+ Small Bag orders will be delivered direct to the customers home. Small Bag orders under 15 Bags will be delivered to the organisation/school or alternative address for the coordinator to distribute.

For all Fundraising enquirie contact us on phone: 0447182890 email: